Tuesday, July 8, 2008


2325 California Ave SW

Latin Restaurant & Lounge


Thursday July 3, 2008
5:35 – 6:15

Keri & Eric

Happy Hour:

5:00pm to 7:00pm Mon-Fri


Alcohol: Well Drinks $3.50 and $1.50 off Margaritas
Beers (tap) $3.50 – There are nine beers on tap with a mix of micro and domestics. Keri drank a Skinny Dip New Belgium beer (good summer beer) and Eric had the Rogue Dead Guy Ale (are micros supposed to be served a little warmer than ICE COLD?)
Eric had one of the Bartender’s Choice Margaritas, which contains Sauza Commemorativa and cranberry juice. This drink was strong in a good way, the salt was a little heavy for the taste, but overall, it was good.

Food: NO FOOD SPECIALS DURING HAPPY HOUR (“late night” food menu/discount begins at 10:00pm ends at midnight)

We sampled the plantains with guacamole, which were only ok. The flavor of the plantains, with cinnamon gave them a graham cracker flavor, and dipping a graham cracker in guacamole? There were five portions (slices) of plantain and about a third of a cup of guacamole. The guac was a little grey, and had large chunks of avocado, which the plantain were too delicate to “scoop”. The appetizers were too pricey for what you received. Average cost of “Tappas” was around $8.00, and the average Entrée was around $12.00 for better than average Mexican food.


Music was a very eclectic mix. I’ll let Eric expand on the music, but I’d like to just mention that there was a bit of country music being played, which didn’t fit the overall “cave” type ambiance of the bar. There are 4 two person tables, 3 six person tables, and 12 bar stools, limited outdoor seating. Around 6:15 the bar started to fill up with 30 somethings, which increased the noise level dramatically…I think the high ceilings aren’t conducive to noise reduction! The bartender was great, he was very informed on the beer selections and offered samples of most of the tap beers, so we were able to make educated decisions. There is an upper mezzanine that contains a small bar for private functions. Parking can be validated for the garage under the Bartells.

Bar Hooks: Yes

Foot Rail: Yes

Cost of Happiness: $31

Overall rating (1-10 and personal thoughts):

Keri: 5

Although the atmosphere here was better than our last location, and happy hour actually runs for a comfortable 2 hours…I was unimpressed with a location that doesn’t have food specials for people drinking alcohol. The implied privacy of the votive candles and “rock” wall, high ceilings and dark lighting are absolutely blown away by the amount of customer noise generated and confusing music selection.

Eric: 6.5

I walked into the restaurant and could not see a thing. Granted it was mostly because it was very bright outside and my eyes were not adjusting fast enough; but it was dark nonetheless. It was quite warm outside and it was cool inside which was refreshing. Once my eyes adjusted, I was able to order a beer. The Dead Guy Ale, besides having a cool name, was pretty good. This place is far from a dive bar. Quite the opposite. I was completely shocked when I heard Planet Caravan coming through the speakers. It is not often you hear Black Sabbath in a Latin lounge, let alone an obscure track off of the Paranoid album. That fact alone is enough to raise my overall rating one point. I'll tell you this, if I ever, ever, hear a Steely Dan song come out of the speakers, it will be an immediate three point deduction. That is not a threat. Eating is not my main focus when it comes to happy hours. But I was surprised that they have no food specials. One thing I did notice in the menu was that they were proudly displaying the fact they serve lard-free black beans. That disgusted me. When no one was looking, I spit on the menu. How can you serve authentic Mexican food and not use lard? But what is worse is that they are happy about it. Praise the Lard! Back to the drinks… I liked that the bartender offered up samples of some of the beers on tap. The margarita I had was good but unremarkable. The guacamole that we had was grey. I am sure it was green when they made it but they need to learn how to keep the avocados from turning colors.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, you needed to talk to me about this place. Go back there order a white sangria and the jalapeño prawns. You will go home happy.